Client Quote 475/521:


I am a streaming video specialist that produces and also implements web video.

When I went to deliver the video, heres what I got:

Me: Here's my invoice.

Client: Invoice? For what? This pilot was free.

Me: I don't work for free. This is the planet Earth, not fantasyland. I never said free, and Pilot was your word. Pilot does not mean free and I never said free.

Client: Well, we will give you something "fair" for the work.

Me: "Fair is what this invoice says, $5000.00. I am an expert and I get paid like one. You knew my hourly rate because we discussed it. Why would we discuss rates if I supposedly said this was free?"

Client: "Well, we're not paying that much for it. I may be able to get a thousand for you. Call me and remind me about it every day until it is resolved."

Me: "Do I look like a fu**ing secretary to you? Now I am going to show you what happens when people try to make me kiss their ass."

I placed the VHS tape on the floor and stomped on it, turned and walked out.