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in school yearbook office...must give little background:

school yearbook wins "Best Yearbook in [State]" for the past 6 thing we have in is parent "ads" to their kids. "we love you hun, great job" with pic of baby and any case..

15$ 1/2 page ad you design
20$ 1/2 page ad you come in and we design with you

Now, I don't do these (I do the collages...this is whole nother story), but I was listening to my friend do one. Now this is the kind of kid that cant get a sentence out around adults...especially parents. So basically, she OWNED him completely. This is where the story starts.

"I want him in an oval with a colorful border..."
"But'am...dont you think that would be kind of extravagant"
"Please do it"
"O o o o o o...ok"
-this goes on for 1.5 hours...i get very fed up listening to bullshit-

after it is over, i is one oval with baby, one oval with new pic, and a big old sailing ship photo in the middle, with Edwardian Script text saying "we love you" and shit...

m: "Derich, you should never do a parent meeting again"
d: "But I have to"
m: "No, just say 'our policy is to blah blah blah...'"
m: "Why the fuck not? It is a waste of your time and took 1.5 hours doing this and it came out looking like shit"
(he is starting to be REALLY pissed)
m: "Why?"
m: "Wtf?"
3rd Party: "I Would do it too if I got 20$ out of it"
d: "Yeah, thats why!"
m: "Why didnt you tell me"
d: "I did"
-SIGH...its goes on
m: "So you make 20 bucks off it?"
d: "Well yeah, but if I dont have the parent conference I get 15 bucks anyway"