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rekka i'm doing a gig for a realestate agency...i draw up this visually appealing interface, with the underlining basis of a house..its was funcitonal it worked..blah i hate realestate...ok so after i'm done and my boss sees it...he comes into the office and tihs is wha the says"

" know what i think would be better...if you had these lines...and they all started flying in...and then BAMN BAMN BAMN ( imaging boss prancing around the office emulating lines snapping together) BAMN and then they all come together to form a house...just lines thats all..heck you can draw them in flash...thats all you need..."because its flash...and you can do that sorta thing with it."bamn"

i then shook my head..sat down at my desk drew some tweend lines in under 10 min..i then surfed the net a bit...and i came onto a competitors sites...guess what they had as there intro..LOL..then preceded to clock out 5 hours later....
"because its flash and you can do that sortta thing with it."


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