Client Quote 247/521:


After many years of graphic design and web design I have heard some great lines. Most of them call into question the designers ability as an artist. Such as...

<beginning of the end>

Boss: Ok, so get cracking on that logo

Me: (spend next 15 minutes using my BA in Art by sketching out ideas on a pad of paper before bringing up Illustrator)

Boss: (walking back into area) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? THIS IS A DESIGN STUDIO! WE DON'T DRAW! Now pick up one of those clip art CD's and well modify an existing design.

A week later:

Me: See ya!
Boss: Why are you leaving?
</rot in hell Boss>


<horrible incident>

Me: Here are the 3 logos to chose from and 2 different color schemes (this after a round of 9 comps)

Client: Hmmm... I like it. I like it. But the colors need to be more basic. How about this... hang on... (calls secretary into the meeting and asks secretary:) What do you think about red, white and blue?

Secretary: Oh yes, and pick a bright red. Do you have any color samples?

Me: (Should I take the cyanide suicide pill now or wait for them to ask me to make the logo more "swoopy"?)

Client: Can you make the logo a little more "swoopy"?

Me: Goodbye cruel world (gulp!)
</horrible incident>

Just a few of many reasons I am in business development now.

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