Client Quote 172/521:


Credit card site...

Brief reads: Current site is too flashy and young... redesign site to appeal to a more mature user... influenced by the quality inherrent in the brand... sophisticated, style conscious ...blah, blah, blah...

Weeks later, new site due to launch (at last) on a Friday. 48 hours to launch: Seventeen pages of amends turn up, largely briefing us to turn it back into what they wanted to get away from. Comments include...

Client: We need to have “Apply Now” in a different colour, bigger, flashing on every page.

Me: I am concerned that this is at odds with the overall style of the site and the brief (thinks... <blink>arrgghh</blink> - still the best)

Client: Can we remove all the buttons on the side and have the images taking up the full viewing area.

Me: ...but if the images are full size and the buttons are removed, you won't be able to navigate anywhere else from within the site and the loading time will be... problematic.

Client: Are you sure?

Me: <b><h1>arrgghh</h1></b>