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I worked at a design shop that was tasked with production work on a new site design for one of the nation's largest computer manufacturers. The original design templates were created by a very large, very reputable web development agency.

Our design team was called in for a briefing so that we could get the style guide and photoshop templates and begin work. At one point in the presentation, the art director from this very large, very reputable agency was giving pixel dimensions for one of the bullet elements that were used throughout the pages.

BigAgencyArtDirector: "this bullet element should be exactly 4 pixels high by 3 and one-half pixels wide"

our art director: "um...could you clarify the part about 3 and one-half pixels...that isn't technically possible"

BigAgencyArtDirector: "OH YES it is, yes it is...yes it is" (dead silence in the room follows)

The funniest part about the entire exchange is that this presentation was being made to nearly 30 people that worked for BigComputerManufacturer and no one called the BigAgencyArtDirector out on his obvious lack of expertise.

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