Client Quote 387/521:


I was told by a *Marketing Type* that my team would have to design, build, test and deploy our company's <large> corporate site within a 2 week period.

When I told him, 'come on, that's ridiculous, it can't be done properly in that time period', he replied, 'listen, you and I both know it can be done. I could do it myself if I chose to sign on for working till 3am for the next two weeks, but I don't want to do that. But we both know it can be done.' To which I answered, 'you should do it yourself then since I won't allow my team to produce crappy work to meet some trumped up deadline from someone who doesn't understand the creative process or what it takes to build a fully functioning site.'

The result of this was his hiring a tv broadcast team to do it-whatever!