Client Quote 314/521:


This is from a freind of mine:

This is my all-time favourite client comment, from back in my
freelance days.

Some background: I'd been called in to redesign and build a
university site from scratch after the Head of Design's protégées
had spent three months and 3/4 of the budget designing a home page
that only fitted on a Mac monitor, had no navigation hierarchy and
loaded pages into one ninth of the screen area (the rest of the
screen was taken up with block colours representing... their
stupidity or something).

Anyway, so we built a draft of a new design with decent UI and
IA, etc. and showed this to the board, which included the Head of
Design chap.

He looks at the screen, points at the page heading font and says
(wait for it):

"Why have you used the font Gill? Gill sodomised his daughter
and I don't think we should be associating ourselves with that
sort of thing."

It all went very quiet.

And it wasn't even the Gill font anyway.
We got real drunk that night.

- Alex.