Client Quote 252/521:


Here ya go to fan the fire...
I was asked to come into a meeting where my boss was pitching a client. Keep in mind she is only pitching web design because I just started working there.
<client> We have this video that we want to put on the net. Its 60 minutes long.
<my boss> Thats fine, we'll just stream it.
<client> We want it full screen, video quality.
<my boss> Thats do-able, we can just stream it.
<client> We don't want to have to wait to see this. We want it instant to anybody. Even on a 28.8.
<my boss> Sure, I'll have ... (me) get on it right away.
<me> FUCK THAT! I'm outta here, you have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

And I just walked out. Oh well, I had already found a job. The best thing was that the only other guy that worked there called me up and told me that she posted a "wanted" ad on looking for a new web-designer.

This is what it read:
Wanted: Genious. If you think you can best praystation and volumeone, we want you. Large firm looking for a new bright hope. Pay is incredibly competitive for the web field (25+/year!!) Must understand webstreaming. Call us today.