Client Quote 209/521:


I just spent about 50 minutes reading this... its great stuff!.

I have a few examples:

The client wanted a website about bands:

[client] I want you to do the logo like, but not so dont get in trouble.

[me] Uhh... ok

next day

[me] Here, how are these... they don't look too similar but convey the same feel.

[client] What? You haven't done much??!...

(he contacted me at 11pm the night before, and had expected me to have produced a couple of layouts, and 10-20 logos or something ridiculous. this was as a freelance thing, so i did it all in spare time).

[client] ok. well I'm sending the list of bands today, can you put them all on the front page in a list down the sides.

[me] Uhh, dont you thi###

[client] just do it!!.

[me] ok.

(made a few layouts)

[client] ok, i like this one, but can you make the background light yellow instead of light grey? (see jakob's site for a similar color)

[me] well, that would unba###

[client] look! you make what we tell you!

well this went on a while longer with similar upstets, and i got another great one:

[client] ok, can you put a drawn picture of me and my partner dressed in business suits looking funky talking on phones and stuff?

[me] well we dont really do drawings, but i'll see what we can do. do you have any photos of you for reference?

[client] no, but i have black hair and brown eyes, and *** (his partner) has brown hair and brown eyes.

[me] great.

(more time)

[client] ok, so how is the content going?

[me] I'm still waiting for you to send it.

[client] well, i gave you the list...

[me] right. so you want the band title and nothing else on each page?

[client] no! i want you to get a photo of each band as a group, and then seperately of each of the membembers, write a short history of the band an###

[me] stop.

[client] why? we're paying you!!!

[me] yes, but we design websites we don't write the content.

[client] you make websites.

[me] we design websites, you write content.

[client] ok, $200 off the price

[me] we are only charging you $350 (!!)

[client] well yeah, i mean making pictures isnt hard.

[client] oh yeah, i dont like that picture of us either

[client] it should look like this [url]

[me] thats a piece of clipart

[client] yeah. make some.

[me] you expect all this for when?

[client] next weekend (this was wednesday)

[me] yes, as i suspected. you want all this for $350? in this timeframe?

[client] yup

[me] thats not possible

[client] my way or the high way!

[me] this contract is terminated.

then we discovered the pair were aged 12 & 13.


i also had another one

[client] can i use some images off you're webpage?

[me] what for? wouldnt you rather us design a proper site for you?

[client] oh yes? youdo that?

[me] did you actually read the site or just look at the images?

[client] ahh, yes, i couldnt remeber which HomePage it was.


[client] well, ok, can you do one for us. i want it like

[me] what products are you selling? what kind of business do you run

[client] ***

[me] ok, what sections would youlike you page split up into?

[client] like

[me] oook. that number, in that style?

[client] yeah, just like

[me] ok. i have to go now.

(my giraffe is on fire, honest! just let me go!!)

a while later after a string more of's we decided that the deal was not going to well and gave up.


pretty much says it all.