Client Quote 81/521:


personal favorites:


client: When i type "" into aol it doesn't bring up the site - the site has been down like this for weeks

me: where are you typing this?

client: when i go to keyword.


client: you can cut out all this planning time i'm telling you we know what we want.

me: do you have all the documentation we need?

client: sure, just go to, we don't want to reinvent the wheel, we just want that.


catalog company - fortune 100 catalog company. builds site for web.

catalog client: this site is totally broken we just got a complaint from a man in oklahoma who will no longer use it because he can't see any of the products! did you read that email!

me: yes

catalog client: what are we going to do?

me: the man is blind.

catalog client: i know what are we going to do?

me: do you print the catalog in braille?


client: this needs to work across all browsers 2.0 and up