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My example is not waht a client said, but what they did...

when I was bidding on one of my first projects and didnt have much to show of my work (I was looking to get some url's under my belt) I met with a client for a fitness website. They wanted (had story boards) their logo to animate and demonstrate exercise. Their logo was two lines on either side (which made the torso and arms sticking up in the air) and a circle for the head. Basically the upper part of a roughly sketched body. So i am supposed to animate it doing sittups and pushups, etc... syhching to naration. Basically intense keyframe animation for 2 minutes. I gave them a bottom of the barrel price ($600 for 2 minutes of keyframe animation synched to a sound track) and they balked. Too expensive. Didnt even return my zip disk with my domonstration. They balked at a cheaper than cheap price.