Client Quote 61/521:


i love sales vp's.

rev 1:
vp: i'd like to have a map of the united states with colored regions that link to a popup with the individual rep's info on it.
me: sure, no problem. just give me a copy of who has what area. btw, do you have a large amount of attrition with your sales guys? (can you see where this is going?)
vp: no, not at all!
(he quickly grabs a map, and haphazardly draws circles around different states - hands it to me.)
...later that day...
vp: btw, do you have a copy of that map? i need to know who has what.
me: (concerned) here.

rev 2: (a week later, the day of golive)
vp: oh, yeah. we need to update the sales map. we've reorganized everything.
me: ummm, we are supposed to golive today. this will push back your project date.
vp: no problem.
(haphazdly draws another map)
me: will this be changing? if it does, i won't have time for it for awhile.
vp: no, this is final! set in stone! (with that sureness that only a sales can speak with.)
me: ok, here. i want you personally sign this piece of paper to signify that you ordered this. (been through this before)

rev 3?
(sure enough, a week later)
vp: we need to change the sales map. so and so is gone, and so and so has taken their territory.
me: nope, sorry. you signed off.
vp: ok, well we will bid it out
me: sure, but your going to pay..

(sales tries to bid it out, with bids coming back ranging from 7,000 to 20,000 to update the piece and site)

vp: when you have time, will you update it?
me: yes, i will put some time on it next month.

i love well documented project plans.