Client Quote 51/521:


Client: "What are these lines for?"

Client (same): "Great, it is fast and the bitmaps are clean, loading is fast.... Now... Let's make this thing fullscreen! Don't change the speed though, I want it to be as fast as this, at high res on a 70 inch display.. Also the bitmaps should look as crisp as now"

Client (same, later): "I want 28.8K users to load the site instantly!"

Client (same, one day before the site is launched): "Allright, we are almost done... Can we add fullscreen metalic doors opening and closing everytime user goes to a section?"

Me: "mmhhh... Aren't we launching tomorrow? I don't think it will look good, and it would require quite some work to achieve and.." (client cutting me)

> Client (cutting me): "nonono... Just use LoadMovie!"

Client (same, later): "Okay, send me the source files, I will do it myself, it seems really easy"

Me: "I don't think you'll be able to edit the..."

Client (cutting me again): "What is so complicated? I can understand all this! Let me do it, do you really think it is that complicated? It seems pretty easy to me"

After that, I simply dropped the project where it was, sent the source files to the client, and two weeks later:

Client: "I don't understand it..."