Client Quote 424/521:


We were called into a dot-com startup for an emergency quick turnaround project, to design a front end around a complex ecommerce solution, which their internal developers were to be making over the next 30 days to meet critical deadline.

When it became apparent that this client, although heavily funded with VC money, had a huge misunderstanding as to what our service was, after being delivered all 3 design templates for the final design, it became clear that using words like "template" and "design style" were throwing them off, and that they actually wanted us to be doing a lot more than design.

Me: "But we're not doing the content; our job is done now. This 'template', or 'empty shell' if you need a better term, is everything your developers need to make the pages on the site".

Client: "So, when you say this word, 'CONTENT', what do you mean?"

(*said client was V.P. of Website Operations of this dot-com startup)