Client Quote 34/521:


Here is the first :

Client : I saw your flash and html demos and the 3d commercial that you prepared, firstly,"I should say I dont believe that web design is a form of art",and what you create is a kind of "bad art" .You shouldnt create those,our agency will inform you about design just use the instructions which will come from them, and create the site...Isnt it what the webdesign for ?
Also, please dont design!They will do it for you!

(This person is the CEO of the company and this company group's other CEO are hating him.)

Me:hy'mmm, we dont have to do it together, you know ?

At that moment,all the other CEOs and my collagues are red because they cant hide their laughter....


client : This is the site, we dont like the design that other firm did, we ask you to change the whole site...
Me: Ok.
Client : in 6 days
ME : What?
Client : Yes , please dont use vignettes ( little icons,graphics) dont use to much picture.Make it like
ME : hy'mmm....

Site adress is :

We are still working on the new version

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