Client Quote 316/521:


client: why is it when i type in my domain name my site doesn't come up?

me: well are you sure it's spelled correctly?

client: yes i am positive. i have tried several times

me: ok then, maybe the server is down. let me try it and i will see what it says.
(i type it in and it loads fine)
I just typed it and it loaded fine.

client: well i don't know why mine isn't working

me: what browser are you using?

client: browser?

me: yeah, its the program that you view pages in the web with.

client: well, i...

me: at the top right corner of your screen, is there an N or an E?

client: it has an E

me: ok, so youre using explorer.

client: no, i'm using yahoo

me: umm, what does it say in the space where you type in the website address you want to go to?

client: i told you it says yahoo

(this continues for a while)
i finally realize that up to this point every time he ever went to a site, since his default startup page was yahoo, he entered the url in the yahoo search box to get there. he didn't realize you could go there directly by typing the name in the location field.