Client Quote 290/521:


so i'm hired as the webmaster of this small business.

client: yes, all the code is messed up, and none of the links work anymore after i changed the page. i'm thinking it has to do with the software you use. what software do you use?

me: er, Dreamweaver.

client: well, maybe you should stop using that. because when i change the pages you make, it gets messed up.

me: what do you use to change the pages?

client: pico. (pico is a little unix-based text editor from the 80's)

me: ummm.... maybe you should download those files and change them using something else... like notepad.

client: okay, i'll do that for now. but I want you to change the software you use. Dreamweaver is messing things up.

me: i don't see how it could be a problem on my end if everything looks all right until *you* change it.

client: just use different software. Use Notepad. [this site has several thousand images and several hundred individual pages with crosslinks every which way -- and the guy wants me to use Notepad every time he wants a site update. plus, i use a macintosh system]

i quit not long after that.