Client Quote 243/521:


<client> That website you made for us, can you put that on a CD-ROM and make it play by itself, kinda like a video? Oh yeah and we took some more video footage we want to put into it.
<me looking at video footage> its 160x120 and in 15 second clips.
<client> yea, and we want that to play fullscreen on my laptop for sales people to use as a presentation (1024x768 I determine).
<me> Okay you realize that is going to look really bad, it will be almost impossible to see once it is blown up that much.
<client> But you can do it right?
<me> technically, yes, but it will be unusable.

Immediatly following demo of video footage blown up to 1024x768 (Cause they couldn't even use a lower resolution, that would be too hard for the sales staff to figure out, even if we made the presentation do it itself!)

<Client> Wow, you we right, that really does look bad. But i bet it would lokk better if we just lowered the quality of the website graphics to match the video.
<me> <---- looking like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck.