Client Quote 241/521:


i was working on a cd-rom for a telecom company at the employer i currently work for. i was on a conference call with the group heading up development on the client side.

client: "so, what do you do this in?"

me: "director and some vb"

client: "and why can't we change the navigation by tomarrow...?"

me: "because it would take at least a week to iron out the bugs and make sure everything works and the links remained intact. i explained to you before that this project has 14 sub sections and that a navigation change would have to ripple through all 14."

client: "sounds like a problem with director. whay are you using it again?"

me: "because we can customize it to the project."

client: "WELL, all I KNOW is that i programmed cobal and that this whole DVD could be built in coldfusion. Why are you messing around with director when coldfusion can do it in half the time."
same client, different day-

client: "thanks for working 40 hours over 2 days to meet the deadline. sorry we through all these changes at you."

me: "thats ok. its my job"

client: "can we have a soundtrack? something jazzy or techno, maybe ambient..."

me: "no. it would take to long and we'd miss the deadline..."

client: "no no, nothing custom. just find a cd and take a track or 2 off of that."

me: "thats copyrighted material..."

client: "once again i don't understand- if its so hard to add music why aren't you using coldfusion."

i swear to christ this is truth. i wanted to kill myself.