Client Quote 109/521:


Hmm. lemme see..

Got a couple ones;

- On a website brief meeting, 2 days before the original launch date;
Client's dumb-ass project manager:
"emm.. what if we would translate this whole site(~50 pages, static content) to german?"
"No can do. You should have made that to the original brief and it's anyway too big for this given time.."
"What's so complicated? I can get the Word files to you, isn't your litle job bit like editing a Word document..?"

*sigh* That was the worst one so far..

- On a print project: "Well we did these Powerpoint layouts, can't you use them? Why not?" (Powerpoint; 72 dpi messed up images, hard to get out anyway..)

And the last, all-so-familiar "empty white space" case;
I made this comp with a really nice navigation on top, and above few graphical elements on an almost white space of 70px looking very clean & nice to me..
the client:" Can't you lift the navigation up to the top of the page? Now it looks like it has fallen from the top and there's this separate white space there?"

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