Paparazzi! 1.0b11

Frequently Asked Questions (mostly)

Q. Why is Paparazzi! accessing my Contacts?
A. Paparazzi! imports URLs from your Contacts into its Bookmarks bar by default in 0.6.5, however this will be disabled by default for new installs starting in 0.6.6.
Q. Will there ever be a Windows version?
A. Unlikely—Paparazzi! is based entirely around WebKit and Cocoa, and as such, a porter would be better off simply starting over from scratch and releasing their own product.
Q. What’s up with the funny format of paparazzi: URLs with arguments?

A. I wanted to make it as easy as possible to simply have a URL with just the hostname, e.g., paparazzi:

(For the full URL spec in BNF format, see here!)

Q. Dude, where’s my Python? I thought this was based on webkit2png!
A. Only the idea is based on webkit2png; there is no actual Python code in Paparazzi!.
Q. Why is this free? I see similar applications for both Mac and Windows that cost $20-30!
A. Because I love writing it. If you do feel that it's worth your $20-30, please donate!
Q. I’m using 0.3, and background images don’t show when I save as PDF! What gives?
A. Basically, I forgot that the WebPreferences settings were saved to the defaults database. You can fix this yourself by opening the terminal and typing defaults write org.derailer.Paparazzi\! WebKitShouldPrintBackgroundsPreferenceKey -bool true (all one line) and pressing return.