Client Quote 127/521:


client: "I can't find the web site, have you loaded it up?"

me: "Yeah, it's all loaded up, blah blah, are you putting in the right address?"

client: "yeah, I think so, is it www.***********"

Me: "yeah, that's the one."

client: "nope, still not coming up."

Me: "that's strange... hold on, where are you typing the address into?"

client: "the search box."

same client later, complains that even though he's typing the address into the address bar, the site still isn't coming up, so he brings his laptop over so I can check if anything's wrong with it. I connect to the Internet, type in the address and bingo, it comes up on the screen, the client looks at it for a while, then

"oh I know where I was going wrong, I was putting a space there." (points to middle of address)