Client Quote 250/521:


This thread makes me feel so much better after spending 15 minutes on the phone with a client trying to explain to her how to drag a file from one folder to another.

Client: (highlights file) Oh! It looks different now!

Me, thinking: How have you managed not to get fired?


A favourite of mine is when a client (a good client, actually) came by my place with her boyfriend and asked me to show her boyfriend her recently completed site. We load it up and poke around for a while. At which point, he leans on my chair with and with salesman charm, confidently asks: So, Have you heard of Flash?

Me, with stunned look, and attempting not to giggle: Actually, this whole site was done in Flash.

He stopped talking as though he knew that already.

My girlfriend, who was there at the time and watching this scene with bitten lip, waits until they leave and turns to me with that same air of confidence and asks, "So, have you heard of jerking off?"

Not sure why that was so funny, but it still makes me chuckle. I love her.

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